Hi All,


Editing is more work than we bargained for. We're reviewing a "closer-to-final" edit this week. After that review, we'll incorporate our final edits, add color corrections then the train moves onto the Audio department headed up by Alan Dicato. That's where the final magic happens.


We hope to have some local showings in October. Keep in touch and thanks for your support!


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Sandy...Grams.... says... (Reply)
"Can't wait!" (9/18/17)
Kari Aellig says... (Reply)
"So excited!" (9/19/17)
Bruce says... (Reply)
"It's getting close, super excited to watch. :-)" (9/24/17)
EscoSwims200Fly says... (Reply)
"Randomly came across this. This looks very interesting. I can't believe that its a local show. Thats so cool. When will this be released? How many episodes are there gonnna be?" (11/28/17)
Steve Sivulka says... (Reply)
"We're still editing and doing audio right now. Hope to be done soon and have some local showings early next year. We're doing the pilot episode first and evaluate from there. Thanks." (11/28/17)