Hi All,


Well our week of shooting is over. That was one exhausting week! Good, but oh so much work. We got all the shots and everything is now backed up. Next comes the fun part...editing!

Thank you to everyone of the cast and crew. It was really amazing how well everyone worked together and how well everyone fit their position.




Jill, thanks for writing a great script for our pilot episode. You kept all of us on track throughout this process (well, sort of... but how about one more take with a different angle?) Honestly though, this would not have happened without you. You pushed this train up hill and now it's coasting down the other side.


Lon, thanks for helping Jill with writing and for giving her all the space to get this project off the ground. You brought our inspirational Mr. Canari to life. Thank you for spending all the extra time coaching some of our younger actors. Lastly, thanks for getting some weird rash and completely transforming your character from an old surfer dude to a cowboy-type (with long sleeves) in zero seconds flat.


Dianne, thanks for taking on craft services without really knowing what you were signing up for. You pulled it off without a hitch and our stomachs are very grateful. Also, thanks for remaining my wife and for not murdering me, even when you really felt the urge to do so.


Bracey, thanks for being our director and for being patient with all of us production newbies. You were under a lot of pressure and you rose up and slayed a fairly massive dragon within a week. (BTW: I think we all knew you'd work yourself sick, so thanks for doing that at the beginning of the week and getting it out of the way.)


Jordan, thanks for your servant's heart in all this. HR805 is so much more artistic and beautiful with you behind the wheel, um, camera. Your Sony/Odyssey/Focus-Jockey ninja skillz are well on their way to Jedi master level OT-8. I'm still waiting for the day when you to lose your cool, but it just hasn't happened yet.


Alan, thanks for lending us your ears this week (and for fixing my brakes afterwards.) We all appreciate all that you did for us this week with audio recording. I'm assuming when you try to sleep at night, your arms automatically fly up above your head from holding that pole up for hours on end. Your joyful attitude permeated every set.


Nate, wow, I had no idea how much work and heavy lifting gaffers do on sets. Thanks for lending us your keen eyes this week. Every shot was so well lit because of you. If your pay was based on the amount of sweat you put out, you'd be a very rich man and we'd never be able to afford you!


Brandon, thanks for being so tall. No really, that came in handy (except for that guest house awning...that probably left a mark.) You really poured your heart into our production and you kept a great attitude throughout. We're thankful that we had you on set. You provided a lot of great shade and kept everything from falling on us.


Jonathan and Chris, thank you two for working so hard and for not letting up all week. You both went the extra mile and were always ready to handle any request. You stepped up and were a great set of extra hands and feet. Everything was easier with you two. Also, Jonathan, thanks for impersonating everyone on set and keeping us laughing.


Dezi, thanks for lending us your hair and makeup skills. You made everyone look amazing, even when underneath the makeup we were all dead tired from the marathon we were running all week! Everyone enjoyed your chair and looked great in front of the camera as a result.


Jamie, you are the best set designer I have ever worked with! (And the only one.) Anyhow, you're still the  best. You have a keen eye for placing the perfect items into the scene and to really push it into believably. Plus, you really kept pace with my humor and sarcasm, which is a rare feat.


Tricia, thanks for lending us your strange and interesting (almost psychic) skill of keeping everything consistent between takes. I didn't even know that was a job position before this week. Boy, there are a lot of movies out that really could have used your talents. We're lucky to have you and thanks for all the great notes that we'll use while editing.


Mason, thanks for taking the behind-the-scenes photos. I've already posted a few up on Instagram. I'll see you tomorrow to get the rest of them, right?


[Update - 7/26/17]

Oops, forgot a couple people...


Megan, thanks for helping out and for lending us your insights on the current state of high school life/issues.


Amanda, we would all be naked without you dressing us! Thanks so much for lending us your clothes and for hauling them all over North County San Diego. All the cast looked very stylish because of your artistic flare.


It's getting late so I'm going to bed now. I'll write out my cast thank-yous manana.



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Desiree says... (Reply)
"Beautiful tribute and can't wait to see the first episode! Continue to pray for those who will be watching and for what God can do in their hearts. Love you Steve " (7/25/17)
Bracey says... (Reply)
"Can't forgot you now!
Steve- Thank you for being the engine behind this all and allowing us all to come together and create such an awesome project. Thank you for putting up with all of us creative weirdos and adding some laughs (and the occasional eye-rolls). Most of all thank you for the opportunity you gave us and believing in each and every one of us. It was a great experience that none of us will forget. " (7/25/17)