Hi all. We'll you're here, so the fact that the website is launched is probably self-evident by now. I'd say it's a soft-launch since we still need the crew to send bios to me to post on this site!


Hey you! Yes, you reading this right now! Use the "Join Us" link above to be kept up to date on what's going on with HR805. We promise not to flood your inbox with spam or sell your contact information to Russian hackers. (They probably have it already anyhow.) We'll send out important news about the production and you'll be the first to be in-the-know for all things HR805. (Your friends will be so jealous and really start to hate you because you'll know more than they do about HR805!) Also use that page to send us a note and/or sign up to help us out.


Really, we want this website to be a connecting point for you to use for all things HR805. We'll keep it updated with pictures, videos, interviews and behind the scenes footage, some of which will only be available here.


We're just about two weeks away from rolling film (well...actually spinning hard drives...although they might be solid state drives...plus we no one really uses film anymore, but...) Anyhow we're getting started soon and can't wait to produce the best teen-drama series ever in the history of mankind.


Steve Sivulka

HR805 Executive Producer


This is me when I was a fashion model...I'm mean when I was imagining that I was a fashion model.




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