Drama on Campus: A review of the ‘HR805’ pilot episode filmed at CAHS

by Crystal Sung and Anastasia Reimann of CrimsonNews.org


Not every high school has had a TV show filmed on their campus. In the summer of 2017, the cast and crew of “HR805” filmed their pilot episode on the CAHS campus.

“All of us on the producing team have children that either attend Coastal or Classical Academy,” producer and writer Mr. Lon Sierra said. “It seemed like a logical choice to ask the school if they would allow us to film there. He called the experience “a fantastic opportunity,” saying that “it was a completely positive experience and we … hope we can film there again in the future.”





My Review – HR805 Pilot Episode

by Cameron Curry (Executive Director of The Classical Academies)


High school is complicated and emotional and students look for connection, discover themselves, and long for acceptance from peers longing for acceptance. The road map of emotional angst and budding relationships are the backdrop for homeroom starting at 8:05 AM (HR805) opens as we peer in and meet our eclectic mix of characters in an unknown community in an everyday high school.